FAQ and Contacting Stoglemans

What size cork balls are in the pop ups?

The 14mm Corkball pop ups are rolled on an 11mm cork ball, this offers both reliable buoyancy and enough paste to give prolonged attraction and toughness.

In the 16mm hook bait, you have the choice of a 12mm or 13mm Corkball. I refer to the 16's on 13's as the 'super 16' pop ups as they offer a much higher level of buoyancy, perfect for choddies!

How many hook baits do I get in a tub?

40 hand rolled hook baits made with love and attention, and the finest quality ingredients I can source.

How do I look after my corkballs after purchase?

The hook baits are properly air dried and do not require freezing or refrigerating after purchase. Don't over do it with the glug, ultimately this will effect buoyancy, and can also alter the firmness of the paste. I recommend a tiny glaze of oil to just keep them a bit moist and prevent cracking, and if you keep the lids firmly screwed on in between use you'll get no problems. If you choose to give them a boost in the Stoglemans booster, just use enough to coat the hook baits lightly and if you feel you have used to much, lie them out on some kitchen roll or in a blue mushroom tray to dry. Re-tub when they have gone marble hard. As the boosters are oil based, you can leave them glazed in it should you wish but just be really careful as they are very concentrated, and a little goes a long way.

What cork do you use?

100% natural Portuguese Cork, the most reliable, high quality, smoothest cork available. Each cork ball is machined to the desired size specifically for the fishing trade so my supplier guarantees that they have not come into contact with any nasty substances.

The use of Natural cork is most important. conglomerated cork that is the cheaper option and is unsuitable for cork ball pop ups, the process of manufacture uses shavings gathered from many cork manufacturing processes some of which may contain harmful or repelling substances to carp.  Whilst we are on the subject, my cork goes through 2 processes before I wrap paste around them not including quality control.

How long will they last in the water

I aim to offer a hook bait that can be left up to 36 hours in the lake, the nature of the beast is that the thin coating of paste can only handle so much, and I would rather offer a hook bait that offers some level of solubility for attraction purposes rather than a rock hard, less effective hook bait. Ultimately the traditional method of tying on with floss is my recommendation if you need the hook bait to last for as long as possible. However should you require a hook bait that can be left for long periods of time without loosing buoyancy, then stay locked to the Stoglemans Instagram where you will see updates on new products coming soon. 

customer service

 you can contact me via facebook or instagram just click the icons on the homepage or via email at contact@stoglemans.com

If you have a problem with your order then please contact me immediately so we can resolve any issues promptly :)