Merlin Corkball Pop Ups (Squid, Cranberry and Black Pepper EO)

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A truly classic combination of liquid attractors and natural attractors crammed into one hookbait. Of all my hook baits this has the highest number of ingredients; Squid and Octopus (ph. 8.8 alkaline) Solar Ester Cranberry, Black Pepper essential oil, Garlic (low levels) DMPT, GLM, Pink Himalayan Rock salt and Squid Stim powder.

I'm don't generally release my ingredients lists, but have done here because it is quite important with these on a number of levels.. firstly these are so well suited to both single hook baits, and fishing over bait. You can see from the ingredient list, these are crammed full of natural attractors and stimulants such as Salt, Green Lipped Mussel (GLM) and Garlic - these alone are proven ingredients included in many highly successful baits over the last 35 years and will continue to feature in many baits that have yet to be. One particular Squid and Octopus liquid was always known to be the best, its composure is fascinating and the end product is an alkaline additive which has caught numerous huge UK and foreign carp and it will continue to do so.. The squid I have sourced is the closest one available to the original bad boy Squid and Occy that is so well thought of in the carp scene.. I can't sit here and say it is exactly the same.... but I can make the statement that I feel it is just as good. Couple that with the Squid Stim powder and you have the bait packing that timeless squid aroma many anglers will remember so well.

This one ticks all the boxes, ingredients doing their job in the water columns as well as the hookbait itself being exceptionally attractive as a food source. Alongside that, there is also the visual attraction - such is the effectiveness of this hookbait, rather than release a different white hook bait to the range, I made the decision to add the Merlins in White, alongside the classic washed out pink.

The white hook bait contains a very small amount of white dye, I tend to use as little as possible because otherwise they can be prone to cracking and white is also the heaviest of the dyes so can alter buoyancy. 

Rolled on my ever faithful, no expense spared Milk protein base mix containing numerous amino rich and highly attractive ingredients, a crucial part of my hookbaits and in keeping with the high quality ethic of the company.