Pilgrim Hard Hookbaits

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Since introducing the Pilgrim to the range last year the feedback has been exceptional. complimenting some great angling with a reliable high quality hook bait. that's as far as my claims go. 

Its fair to say in the last 15 or so years, pop ups have been hugely favoured by us carp anglers, they are a safe bet. you can present over mostly anything and with the ability to lay a trap that resets every time, its easy to see why.  But, there is no doubt that because of that, the effectiveness of them has declined, and the other side of the coin is that bottom bait fishing has become a huge edge again.

Finally I am happy to make the Pilgrim Hard Hookers available in original Brown and Robin Red. these come with The fresh locally harvested Solent Sea Snails rolled into them. They come from one of the great bait minds who I would credit with the sourcing of these and the commercial incorporation of them into bait, I have so much Respect for Mr Whittington, and this little edge is purely inspired by the bait he made.

Every single Pilgrim hook bait  (cork ball or hard hook bait)has elevated levels of liquid and powdered ingredients (where beneficial not jus for the sake of it) that just aren't financially viable as a loose feed bait en mass especially with the snail coating which is a process that can't be achieved with a machine roller. these truly are a work of art and its a process I enjoy from start to finish, sitting there knowing how hard they are working out there is exciting for me.

Identical to the Pilgrim cork balls.. except that in the hard hook baits, I have switched the cpsp90 for that lovely 100% soluble actifish and the CLO is included in its entirety without the need for sieving.  these arnt a crayfish proof hook bait.. these are a hook bait you can leave out without fear of them breaking apart.. but also knowing they are working hard on the spot.. the solubles break down around the snails and when you come to wind in.. you will notice the skin of the bait has pitted and some of the snails have dropped off.. now the snails do change the baits smell slightly.. they take on a salty sea scent alongside the garlic and crab. nutritionally the snails don't add anything.. its a tiny hard shell...but having seen the fishes reaction and us local lads results on loose fed snail in our hemp, maggots, tigers etc.. there's something about them. and I like the thought of the carp sifting about on the spot and a few of those snails that have dropped off the bait flying up into the fishes mouth and subtly grabbing there attention.. I could be wrong. I'm sure some wiser than I say it makes no difference.. but for many of us, they have made a difference. 

I'm going to be supplying these in a 400ml tub, bait size dependant will give you around 150 baits or so. (just under 3 times the size of my 15mm cork ball pop up tubs) this does give you an option to have enough to use with Stringers or plopping a few around a subtle trap. 

this also allows them to sit in their own juices in the pot and just mature into even more deadly bastards. the salty ingredients in the bait aswell as the Himalayan salt added to the baits after production when potted up in the paste will preserve these hook baits beautifully.

these will be available as 15 &18mm, in original Brown or Robin Red with the snails as standard