Pineapple Express Corkball Pop Ups (Pineapple, N-Butyric Acid and Black Pepper)

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A notable presence of Pineapple, N-Butyric acid and Black Pepper essential oil with added feed stimulants and a fruit powder. Offering a whole spectrum of attraction in the water column as well as attraction at the core of the hook bait itself. These have been the go to spring hook bait for myself and many of my friends for a long time now and if I'm going to smack out a single to a showing fish, there's a good chance one of these will be tied to my chod/hinge rig.

Obviously these sit at the acidic end of the PH scale, I can say from personal experience that these are a highly effective hook bait when water quality drops. I have caught on these in absolute 'pea soup' algae when all else has seemed hopeless. I'm not saying the fishing won't remain hard during these periods of poor water quality if you use these hook baits, but what I am saying is these are my personal go to in those conditions as I know they continue to be attractive to carp in such conditions. I refer to these as '365's' as they are brilliant all year round and they are just such a timeless classic. Pineapple and N-Butyric was pioneered by Frank Warwick well over 20 years ago and it is set in stone as a classic flavour combination, I have a real soft spot for black pepper as an additional attractor and I think it compliments the mix beautifully, adding another crucial attractor and layer to the package.

These are available in yellow only and once again no fluoro dyes are used and the colour is achieved from a blend of colours to offer a totally unique shade of yellow to Stoglemans, offering you something different to the norm.

As usual this is rolled on my Milk Protein base mix which contains the perfect blend of ingredients to construct a cork ball pop up of this nature, as well as being attractive to carp on their own due to the aminos found within the base mix ingredients.

Simple, high quality and highly effective hookbaits.