Sabu Specials, Corkball Pop Ups (Indian Spice)

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A Blend of classic Indian Spice, cream and garlic in 3 different forms. The warming spice aroma from the Indian Spice being rounded off with a cream liquid flavour attractor is confidence enough.. then the garlic arrives to the party, 3 times. Oil, a concentrated powder and another that I will not divulge. At a carefully balanced level these all bring enormous benefits to these special little hook baits and really set this hookbait apart from the others, these are a real personal favourite of mine and it would take a lot for me to not be using these in the winter and early spring. The nature of the hookbait not only makes it suited to fishing over bait, but also as a powerful single hook bait choice too.

As always, my bright range of hook baits are rolled on a high quality milk protein based base mix. A range of ingredients that alone are proven to be beneficial to the attraction properties of the bait, as well as being the perfect consistency for a cork ball pop up

A deep pink colour In the tub, that washes out beautifully and becomes brighter and more of a snooker ball pink after a night in the lake. All of my colours are totally unique to my range of hook baits, nothing is straight from the tub of dye. I have tweaked the colours over many years in my own fishing to offer something different to what everyone else is using, that also compliment a wide range of angling situations from flinging singles, to fishing established baited areas.