Stoglemans Patches

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High quality, high detailed woven patches. Iron on and go! Simple as the following steps!

  1. make sure item you wish to attatch the patch to is clean and uncreased
  2. place patch in place ( put clothing on first and pin it in correct place
  3. place on a flat surface,  an ironing board is perfect for this funnily enough
  4. Place a cloth over the patch and jumper large enough to protect both from the iron 
  5. Have the iron on full heat and allow it to heat fully before this next step
  6. hold the iron on the patch for 30 seconds
  7. flip the item  ( turn jumpers/ t’s etc inside out)so you can repeat step 6 but this time you are heating the patch from the other side to ensure good careful to not dislodge the patch in these stages
  8. allow to cool and i advise stitching the patch on to just be safe but thats my own preference.